I finished my under graduation in Commerce from University of Pune. But thereafter it was a hard journey to clear Professional Competence Examination from the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. Repeated failures left me depressed lowering my self esteem and instilled negativity in me. I went into solitary confinement afraid to talk with strangers. My stammering problem that I carried since childhood worsened. Life felt like hell. I hated myself and suicidal thoughts engulfed me. I found it difficult to express myself and I was made fun of. I felt it was the end of the world.

The turning point of my life came in 2007 when I took the personality and confidence building course run by Dr. Sudhir Arora. My confidence returned which helped me overcame the stammering. I gave a well appreciated speech to the fellow batch mates. I started believing in me.  Various techniques helped me break the mental walls and overcame fear. I started developing friendships, started giving speeches and contributing to group discussions. Life now had a new meaning for me. I became confident enough to do MBA in Banking & Finance from University of Wales, UK.

Next turning point in my life was when I came across the book ‘THE SECRET’ by Rhonda Bryne gifted by my dad on February, 2010. It made me aware of my inner powers and instilled in me the truth that We create our own destiny through our thoughts. We have to realize that God lies within us & all around. All are equal & we should focus on our inner voice. I learned the Law of Attraction and the Power of Subconscious mind. I took fascination to quotes by Saints, philosophers, authors, scientists and eminent personalities and all the wisdom from the past generations. ‘THE SECRET’ was followed by the book ‘THE POWER’ which has influenced me a lot.

My friend circle expanded to some spiritual friends with lot of insight who taught me how to handle the life situations. I found appointment to work for a reputed audit firm. I took to meditation which gave me inner peace of mind and valuable intuitions. Practice of meditation softens your heart which emits love towards one and all. I started living every single moment with love, smile and live life at the fullest with no regrets.

I have taken advanced training in energy healing, Crystal Healing, Meditation Techniques, Mind Control, Psychotherapy and Psychic self defense. I have founded the Wisdom Healing Center to help tackle Physical, Mental, Emotional and Psychological problems through distance healing.  Energy healing is an alternative therapy that uses prana or life energy to heal ailments in the body. This is an ancient therapy now rediscovered. Healing is provided to any part of the world by distant healing. You may visit our site here ->  www.wisdomhealingcenter.com  to find details. Feel free to post on the wall or send me a mail on wisdomhealingcenter@gmail.com  for healing help.

I started Wisdom Quotes page on facebook on June 2010 to convey the message that life is limitless and it is only our thinking that limits us. I wanted to share all the wisdom that I had learnt with the World. I wanted to spread Love, Peace, Happiness, Knowledge, Experience, Positive thoughts & Blessings through daily posting of Inspirational & Motivational quotes. I and my team have worked on it for more than 6 years and I have been fortunate to have about 2.4 million fans from all countries. It is one of the leading inspirational and motivational quotes page. Here is the link. ->  www.facebook.com/wq2010. I’m so privileged to have some of the greatest friends on facebook from all over the globe like Violeta, Luz, Ginin, Jiten, Nelia, Christine, Donnita, Kaye, Sudhashini, Vandana, Jerose, Ellen, Leslie, Jacobs, Neha, Anna Moosun, Tony, Amrit Vohra. etc & countless more. I have also been blessed to find my life partner and soulmate Meenakshi Patel. I am indeed grateful to God.

I created a group called Friends Forever on Facebook in October 2010 by adding my best friends and likeminded souls. The idea was to be together, know each other,  take a step towards spreading our knowledge, positives thoughts, beliefs & learn from each other  to make the world a better place to live in. I got abundance love, appreciation, guidance, support, blessings & teachings from my friends forever group. The group page has really prospered beyond my imagination and presently comprises of 26,650+ members. Here’s the link goes to Friends Forever group https://www.facebook.com/groups/thenumbologyevasion

Presently for last few years, I am working as full time Inspirational Blogger and Life Counselor at Wisdom Quotes & at Wisdom Healing Center. I am contributing and reaching out to thousands of souls all over the globe through various pages & groups on facebook namely The Wisdom Quotes, Friends Forever, Positive Inspirational Quotes, Secret, Great Quotes, “gr8quotes” etc.

The associate Wisdom Quotes and Stories website was started in 2012. Here’s is the link www.wisdomquotesandstories.com . This was followed by WisdomQuotes4u.com  and other related sites which are spreading inspirational and motivational and spiritual messages. Our all time websites hits have already crossed 30 million. We have more than 40,000 email subscribers. 

Thank you so much for sparing your valuable time. Wish you all the very best for a bright life ahead and May God bless you with lots of love, peace, happiness and prosperity.

With Lots of Love, Peace & Gratitude,

Tejas Patel