Your heart can see more than your eyes

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Close your eyes, visualize that all your pain, bad energy and negative thoughts are leaving your mind and body. You are becoming lighter and lighter. Mind is becoming still and calmer. You are feeling good from your heart and enjoying the moment. You are smiling and recollecting happy moments in your past. You are grateful for all things you have. You are having good intentions to do something for the world and your family and dear ones. You are focused on your goals and following your intuition. You know the road you will be travelling. Visualize how it feels after accomplishing your goals. You are facing fear with courage and releasing it from your mind. You are raising your self confidence and feeling proud. You are feeling the power within you and you have realized you are more than the flesh. Open your eyes after feeling the explicit emotions with a big smile over your face. Now you know that your heart can see more than your eyes. Listen to what your heart says and make decisions. The force of love comes from your heart and it carries all good emotions which makes your life more beautiful and worth living. ~ Tejas Patel

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